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I’m looking for queer/lgbt high school aged (or anyone who can share high school experiences) participants to help me out with a blog I need to maintain this semester.

 I plan to write a blog as a future teacher focusing on how to create more inclusive/safer school environments and curriculum for students whose identities are often underrepresented or completely ignored.

I am in the beginning planning stages of this process and I’m looking to compile experiences and interviews of individuals who are comfortable sharing.

Some possible topics include (subject to change, open to suggestion):

  • Issues regarding coming out and transitioning while in high school
  • Housing issues and homelessness
  • Depression/suicide
  • more inclusive health education
  • European heterosexual canon being a large part of ELA curriculum
  • Teacher insensitivity to LGBT issues in the classroom
  • Problems faced by teachers attempting to “queer their content”
  • Online communities
  • How to educate all teachers on these issues

As I said, this list is subject to change, as I’m not sure how I would cover some of these topics. 

Anyway, if this sounds interesting to anyone, send me a message or ask and I will get you on my list of correspondents for this project.


Hey guys!!!! I know this isn’t a sloth picture, but I would really appreciate if you contact her if you can contribute to this.. thank u!!